[SDL] Seeking Help for Windows Port

Phoenix Kokido kokido at postmark.net
Mon Apr 10 08:59:54 PDT 2000

Do this in xlib, and you might want to look at XRoach and XSnow for
reference, they do some similar things to what you need to do.

Phoenix Kokido
kokido at postmark.net

Sam Lantinga wrote:

> > Currently the Niko
> > program does not "see" Open Windows and Icons but I was hoping to modify
> > the programs so that the Kitten would interact with the Edges and Tops
> > of windows (i.e., it could lay down on top of a window and rub up
> > against or scratch the sides of windows.)  I believe that Icons would be
> > harder to detect because of the KDE vs Gnome Issues.  Mainly I was
> > hoping for the windows Aware program.
> You probably want to write this directly in Xlib, so you can take full
> advantage of knowing the position and state of other windows on the
> You could get this information via the SDL_syswm.h API's, but it's probably
> better to do this kind of thing directly in X.
> SDL also doesn't currently support shaped windows, although it may in the
> future.
> See ya!
> 	-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software

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