[SDL] Announcing - Regimental Command 0.0.1

Randi J. Relander rela0002 at tc.umn.edu
Wed Apr 19 11:11:30 PDT 2000

> > Currently to load data from a data file using SDL_mixer or to convert it
> > and then load it using SDL_mixer you have to use the dirty hack of
> > writing it to a temp file and then reading it.the best solution for
> > fixing this seems to be to rewrite it to use SDL_RWops. is anyone
> > curently working on doing this? and is it alright to rewrite the stuff
> > in the timidity directory?
> > 

> I am also interested in this - I had been pondering messing with the mikmod 
> directory.  It loads wave files with SDL_RWops, I believe - it is only the 
> 3rd-party MID & MOD support that is file-dependent.

> If nobody else is already doing this, I think I'll try to convert the mikmod 
> directory to SDL_RWops.

Go for it.  I'm accepting all patches.
Please don't break backward compatibility.  Add a new function, in the same
way there are extended RWops functions for SDL_LoadWAV() and SDL_LoadBMP()

Thanks! :)
	-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software

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