[SDL] semaphores made from mutexes?

Sam Lantinga hercules at lokigames.com
Tue Apr 18 20:17:44 PDT 2000

> Saturday 2:00 EST, 11:00 PST, I forgot the times for other time zones,
> about an hour after this messages time stamp.

i no longer have my file about the timezone (flushed my system clean
last monday,got XFree 4.0 installed but couldn't test the OpenGL part
due to lack of time) but if i recall corectly,there's 2 people in the
-0800 timezone (maybe -0700 now since the time change),2 in the -0400
timezone (EST,i did change my clock for the time change) and 1 person in
the +0100 zone.

so the time remain:

11h00am for PST peoples

2h00pm for EST peoples

and 7h00pm for GMT+100 peoples.

Alain Toussaint

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