[SDL] SDL-1.1.2 compilation prob. on Irix

Morten Bek bek at daimi.au.dk
Tue Apr 18 14:15:35 PDT 2000

	Still hacking away at this audio application...it was taking
absurd amounts of CPU, until someone recommended that I run the EsounD esd
program. Now it takes much, much less CPU. Usually. At first, I thought I
had to have esd installed and running in order to install SDL; was I
wrong? Is SDL able to fall back on, say, OSS drivers?

	Anyway, now that esd is up and running, it's working pretty well,
except for a few problems: There seems to be crackling that we think is
related to clipping, that doesn't happen without esd running. Should I
look into the esd code to figure out how to work around this? Also,
sometimes when there's a little hiccup in the machine's CPU usage, the
sound skips, and proceeds to sound bubbly, while driving up the app's CPU
usage. Also, I'm getting a bunch of errors in my log files that look like
  sound_open_dma: DMA channel 1 busy or not allocated (2)
  Unable to grab(2) DMA1 for the audio driver
Any clues as to where I should start looking to debug this problem? Kernel
problem? Library problem? Sound card specific problem (I have an old
Gravis Ultrasound MAX)?

        -The Mighty Mike Master

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