[SDL] SDL 1.0.8 bmp viewer for windows

Jared slake.geo at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 13:09:01 PDT 2000

>I cant get my program to work with opengl. When it runs it says it
>couldn't open the OenGL library. Any ideas, i am probably forgetting
>something, anybody care to help me figure out what it is.

Ah christ, this again. Sam, I wonder if it'd be a good idea to have SDL 
automatically look for libMesaGL too, if it can't find libGL?

My immediate suggestion is to make sure that you have symbolic links set up so 
that libMesaGL.so.whatever is also equal to libGL.so.whatever, and that 
libMesaGLU.so.whatever is linked as libGLU.so.whatever. That's the most normal 
cause. Other causes include funky directory structures, not having OpenGL 
installed on your system ( are you sure you've got it? this has happened more 
than once ), and not having the library properly linked in. 


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