[SDL] Congrats Sam & Loki

Clifford T. Matthews ctm at ardi.com
Mon Apr 17 10:13:03 PDT 2000

Benno Senoner wrote:

> > What is *really* interesting is that new DRM module in the 2.3.x
> > kernel... Hmm... This is exactly how direct rendering works: the DRM
> > module allows the X client to do mmap/DMA to the video hardware (with
> > authorization from the X server), letting it do its own clipping for
> > windowed mode. This also means that a full duplicate of the video driver
> > has to be available to the X client, but this can be hidden in a library
> > (like libdri.so does).
> Does this mean that under linux 2.4 + XFree4.0 you will get the mmap()ed
> windowed access ? would really rock.

*Possibly*. Right now, the DRI is all-out on 3D, I don't think there is
anything for 2D in there. But what it basically does is give you access
to the hardware directly from the client, so there should be a way to
hack something.

> That would be too cool, since the same concept applies to games.
> (You play a game which takes <100% of the CPU at full speed/smoothness,
> regardless of the background system load)

Hmm... Sweeet! :-)

Pierre Phaneuf
Systems Exorcist

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