[SDL] stretchdemo

Alexander Pipelka pipelka at teleweb.at
Mon Apr 17 09:04:25 PDT 2000

Sam Lantinga wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I'm having a bit of a problem with SDL-1.2. The first bit of wierdness
> > is whenever I hit a joystick button the program exits (even if it is not
> > looking for a joystick button) There is no segfault though,the program
> > exits normally.
> > Secondly when I click on the window managers close button the program no
> > longers exits. Why is the joystick button behaving like a close button
> > and the close button not behaving like anything?
> SDL 1.1.2 is not binary compatible with any previous version.
> You must recompile your code to work with it.
> This is true of all the 1.1 unstable versions, like the Linux kernel.

Well, I recompiled it and it still seems to be acting a bit flaky, I
guess I'll take a look and make sure I have everything about the
Joystick setup right, I still don't know why the WM function quit
working though, did something change?

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