[SDL] #SDL chat reminder

Nicholas Vining vining at pacificcoast.net
Sat Apr 15 22:45:03 PDT 2000

Jeremy Peterson wrote:

> Further pursing license compliance, I've determined that I can't use the
> stdc++ library, because it is licensed under the GPL and I can't
> distribute an application that links to both a GPL and an LGPL'd library
> because it creates an impossible legal situation. I'm using the stlport
> library as a replacement ( Highly recommended BTW, it makes compile
> times go though the roof, being a template library, but performance and
> standards compliance is there. )

Huh? Doesn't the stdc++ library has a special allowance for binaries
created with gcc? I think Netscape Communicator is in C++, for instance.
Statically linked.

Pierre Phaneuf
Systems Exorcist

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