[SDL] Re: SDL_mixer lib questions

Pierre Phaneuf pphaneuf at sx.nec.com
Thu Apr 6 15:00:13 PDT 2000

Ben Campbell wrote:

> > That's true, the mixer uses SDL_MixAudio(), which is entirely software for
> > now...
> Cool and groovy with me -
> Our audio guy did some basic profiling (under directsound) a while back,
> and he is of the opinion that software mixing really isn't a very big
> hit on the sort of CPUs we have these days...

Particularly if you use some easy assembler, like add with carry, then
check the carry instead of a C language "if" to do the clipping. MMX can
be helpful also, but the add with carry thing works everywhere and is a
BIG step from C-only implementation.

The C-only implementation is already nice on only slightly powerful
machines, mind you, but I have this 486 at home... :-)

Pierre Phaneuf
Systems Exorcist

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