[SDL] SDLQuake

Martin Donlon akawaka at csn.ul.ie
Sat Apr 15 06:51:20 PDT 2000

vining at pacificcoast.net wrote:
> Nah, I'm doing it too -- I'm even extending my game's audio support to now use 3D audio! OpenAL rocks my worl;d.

I think I'll probably do an OpenAL version as well, mainly for the
experience and to give OpenAL a bit of an evaluation for other projects.
It'll be interesting to see how enthusiatic other hardware companies are
about OpenAL. I suspect there'll be a lot of politics going on behind
the scenes, but I think Creative Labs probably have enough clout to
bully everyone else into doing the right thing too :-)

OpenAL does look nice... mmmmmm... function-based API...

> Antipodean Straggler? Wuzzat?

One of those people from the Antipodean regions (New Zealand in my case)
who end up working/living in odd places about the globe. Usually pubs in

Ben Campbell (Antipodean Straggler)
Programmer, Creature Labs
ben.campbell at creaturelabs.com

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