[SDL] Re: SDL + GL + X + GeForce = lock

Kenton Varda temporal at gauge3d.org
Wed Apr 5 18:10:47 PDT 2000

OK, a little more info:

I narrowed it down to the buffer swapping routine.  The crash occurs
there.  My guess is that nVidia's drivers do not like the whole
dual-display thing.  Unfortunately, it does not appear as if that can be
easily changed...

BTW, I am using v1.1.2 now, and the same thing also happenned with v1.1.1.

-Kenton Varda

Kenton Varda wrote:

> I have an nVidia GeForce 256 (Guillemont 3D Prophet DDR-DVI).  I am
> trying to use it with SDL GL.  All of the OpenGL test programs lock up X
> to the point that I have to reboot.  This is under RedHat 6.1 with the
> GeForce drivers from nVidia.  At least one frame is always drawn before
> the lock occurs.  Sometimes, it stays up for a few seconds.
> I highly doubt that this is SDL's fault.  It is probably just the fact
> that nVidia's current Linux support sucks.  :)  However, non-SDL
> programs do not have this problem.  I am just curious to know if anyone
> has any ideas.
> Thanks.
> -Kenton Varda

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