[SDL] Re: SDL_mixer lib questions

Jess JessH at lbjhs.net
Thu Apr 6 02:01:48 PDT 2000

as the 8 channels and doesnt suport hardware, wouldnt it make more sense to implement openAL ontop of SDL's sound stuffs instead of SDL_mixer's
(and make whatever additions are necesary in SDL's sound suport). that would also get rid of the extra dependency. if this is a bad idea please
forgive my ignorance on the subject. (and if its a good one then just forget that i dont know much about it and think im smart :-)


vining at pacificcoast.net wrote:

> >I've recently started porting some directsound stuff, and have run into
> >a few questions about the SDL_mixer library:
> >
> >1) What is the rationale behind the maximum number of channels being set
> >to 8? Would it be worth adding a function to allow apps to up this
> >limit?
> I think it's completely and utterly random.  I don't know if I'll have to change this to do some of the OpenAL wrapping stuff which I'm
> supposed to be doing this evening ...
> >2) Can SDL take advantage of hardware mixing? From looking at the audio
> >code, it looks like everything is mixed in software.
> AFAIK SDL_Mixer overlaps SDL's audio functions which simply interface out to other libraries (OSS, DirectSound, ESD, Whatever). I
> wouldn't mind seeing the channel support glopped into SDL instead of SDL_Mixer, and then using whatever those libraries recommend, if
> they do recommend. Hmm... I honestly can't remember if SDL_MixAudio or whatever it's called uses hardware if possible.
> >3) Would I be better off just ditching the SDL audio support and just
> >going to OpenAL?
> >
> >Probably somewhat overkill for a non-3d sound system, but the API looks
> >really nice to work with...
> Nah, I'm doing it too -- I'm even extending my game's audio support to now use 3D audio! OpenAL rocks my worl;d.
> Really, after all's said and done, SDL_Mixer is sort of a bunch of hacks stacked on top of SDL. I'm saying OpenAL since it's got a better,
> more thought out API, and probably has.... OK, will have .... better cross platform sound support. So explain why I volunteered to bind OpenAL
> on top of SDL_Mixer? :-)
> >Ben Campbell (Antipodean Straggler)
> Antipodean Straggler? Wuzzat?
> Nicholas

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