[SDL] [PATCH] to use hardware YUV->RGB on Matrox without XFree86 4.0

Manuel Estrada ranty at soon.com
Fri Apr 14 11:37:05 PDT 2000

>vining at pacificcoast.net wrote:
>> I was under the impression that in order to use MMX instructions you had to
>> switch a few things around which takes double digit cycles. I haven't
>> actually tried MMX coding myself, I keep on meaning to.

>No, they simply are more instructions for you to use. You *do* have to
>add some logic for fallback routines though. This usually comes in the
>form of a function pointer. 3Dnow! and SSE are even more interesting
>(MMX does only integer, 3Dnow! and SSE can do FP).

That's what I thought originally... sheesh. I need to work more on my ASM 
skills, I'm out of practice.

>>From screenshots I saw, I think it is tile based, with isometric view. I
>do not know if each individual "items" (players, monsters and so on) are
>drawn with multiple 3D polygons or  are used in a "sprite" kind of way.
>I am not sure from memory, but I actually think that BG2 will *require*
>a 3D video card, much like Q3A (i.e. there is no software renderer)!

So they must be exporting isometric tiles as triangles, but doing some sort of 
devious texture mapping. I could see a few immediate advantages, but wouldn't 
it be a pain in the tuchis to get all the texture coordinates working right? 
And, I wonder, why not just implement camera control? 

Now I wanna play BG2 just so I can see if I can work out how the engine works. 
glAnalyze rules ;-)


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