[SDL] Re: When will there be blitting support when using OpenGL

vining at pacificcoast.net vining at pacificcoast.net
Wed Apr 5 13:33:38 PDT 2000

>vining at pacificcoast.net wrote:
>> (Off course this does mean kicking the processor into MMX mode and
>> out, but I'll live...)
>Into "MMX mode"??? WTF is that???

I was under the impression that in order to use MMX instructions you had to 
switch a few things around which takes double digit cycles. I haven't actually 
tried MMX coding myself, I keep on meaning to.

>Baldur's Gate 2 is going to use OpenGL I think, is that possible? If I
>remember correctly, people generally said "huh?!?" after hearing this,
>personnally I didn't play Baldur's Gate.

I think that while not an FPS it does have 3D elements... it certainly ain't 
tile based. 

>Pierre Phaneuf
>Systems Exorcist


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