[SDL] Re: When will there be blitting support when using OpenGL

Pierre Phaneuf pphaneuf at sx.nec.com
Wed Apr 5 13:20:52 PDT 2000

vining at pacificcoast.net wrote:

> >> Sure, but what game doesn't work in some sort of three-dimensional
> >> space? Even side scrollers have parallax, etc.
> >
> >Pac Mac. :)  Space Invaders.  Tetris. :)
> So that's why you don't use OpenGL in your games, Bill? <grin>

Gosh, you didn't see "The Next Tetris" on PlayStation, right? It's our
main competitor (our product is Quadra, URL below), right from The
Tetris Company LLC (AKA Blue Planet Software)...


Pierre Phaneuf
Systems Exorcist

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