[SDL] Re: X11 again

Dan Maas dmaas at SPAMdcine.com
Wed Apr 5 13:19:22 PDT 2000

OK, good point, perhaps the context switch is more severe than I thought...
The DRI might make a nice base to build upon. A few things like
synchronizing with the X server could be left behind; a user-mode window
manager could handle the cursor etc. through the direct API. I'm not sure
how aggressive DRI is with DMA; here I'd simply require AGP hardware and use
the gart mechanism to go right from user space. (I really, really want to
see 2048x1536 video playback at 60fps someday...)

Speaking of API, what sort of interface should be exported to user
applications? In a perfect world, I'd love to see just a single bit-blit
function that takes a bitmap, width, height, and destination coordinates
(and maybe an alpha-blending option). Absolutely all drawing would go
through that one function...

What do you think about exporting (a subset of) OpenGL? This was my original
thought, but texture management seems to be the problem. How would one allow
different processes to share texture memory on the card? Hmm, maybe if there
were an upper limit of clients or something...

Well, enough mothing off for me. The proof, as always, lies in running code
=). I'll let you know if I get a chance...


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