Re(2): Re: [SDL] stdout.txt and stderr.txt

Kelly Ashe kashe at
Wed Apr 5 11:33:42 PDT 2000

sdl at writes:
>>> As far as I know you only get console output when you build a "console"
>>> application, one that brings up a black input/output window.  That's
>>> I redirect stdio to files.
>>Hmm. I'm using mingw32 (2.95.2) and compiling with -mwindows options, I
>>don't get a black box, but I do get the files in the cwd.
>I don't know about mingw32, but I know it exists with VC 6, but you need
>to toggle it specifically. 
>Question for the Windows-knowledgeable: When you differ between a "Win32
>Application" and a "Win32 Console Application", 
>what exactly changes? Maybe we could enforce console applications under
>Win32, and hence deal with this file export stuff, which 
>is really a kludge.
>>	Simon.

I used to develop all my Win32/DX applications as console applications to
get quick and dirty stderr messages while debugging. Another benefit is
that you also can get rid of WinMain() and just use main(). I don't know
what is the difference really is between a Console/Win32 app, but had
absolutely no problems compiling/running DX apps as a console app. As far
as I can remember (have been using SDL and not Win32/DX directly for quite
a while now), you just have to retrieve a couple values (HWND is one I
think) with calls to the Windows API since these values are not passed to
WinMain anymore. I can post the code if anyone is interested.


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