[SDL] When will there be blitting support when using OpenGL

Mattias Engdegård f91-men at nada.kth.se
Wed Apr 5 11:05:12 PDT 2000

>Just to make sure that you're not going to do something irresponsible like a 2D 
>game in OpenGL.

Come on, just because it isn't made for 2D doesn't imply that you are in some
way forbidden to use it that way, as long as it works. Since 3D gets all the
attention, all the hardware, all the driver and API support, what is a poor
2D programmer to do?

Sure, we could implement lighting effects, alpha blending, fog and a
lot more by hand, pixel-by-pixel in C or asm code crafted with love
and care, but when even low-end commodity hardware can do it much better
in hardware, why not take advantage of it? Just think of the lovely
multi-layer-parallax-scrolling space-shootemups we could do if we got the
same hardware attention as the 3D guys. And the RPGs and real-time strategy
games! And we'd get free rotation and bitmap scaling, complete with

>3) Surfaces would need to be restricted to 256x256 (a hardware limitation on 
>older cards, like certain Voodoos). 

We can tile, no problem, consoles have done it the last 25 years. And it
is possible to fall back on lower-quality software rendering if the hardware
doesn't give us what we want.

Now, disclaimer: I have never tried using OpenGL for a 2D game, but I see
no reason it couldn't be bent to my sinister purposes, even if it's a snug

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