[SDL] Yet more probably OT LGPL questions and comments.

Dave dleimbac at phoenix.lhup.edu
Wed Apr 5 06:22:00 PDT 2000

Can a person make a non-free product with SDL?  I refer to free under the
terms of the LGPL. I am doing some work with some people and they want to
at least understand all the options they have.  


On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Sam Lantinga wrote:

> > A question for Sam I guess: How did Loki deal with the libc6 library
> > and/or other LGPL'd libraries the software you folks ported relied on?
> In general we only rely on our own libraries, SDL, and glibc.
> glibc is a special case in that we dynamically link with the version on
> the system, therefore we don't have to include any source.  I believe 
> the admonition to providing source code only holds if you ship with the
> library that you are linking with.  You are free to say "requires XXX,
> available at YYY" without worrying about the license (I think) :)
> See ya!
> 	-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software

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