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Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Thu Apr 13 13:24:38 PDT 2000

Its just a compile time option, which you can change at any point....
WIthout having VC6 in front of me, off the top of my head, its something
like this:

Under Project->Settings...
Errr, under the Link tab...
Theres a text box at the bottom with all sorts of gobbledygook in...
theres a switch followed by an option, which can be changed between
'windows' and 'console' to change the type of application...change that in
both debug and release modes.

Vague, I know...but hopefully better than nothing.


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>> As far as I know you only get console output when you build a "console"
>> application, one that brings up a black input/output window.  That's why
>> I redirect stdio to files.
>Hmm. I'm using mingw32 (2.95.2) and compiling with -mwindows options, I
>don't get a black box, but I do get the files in the cwd.

I don't know about mingw32, but I know it exists with VC 6, but you need to
toggle it specifically. 

Question for the Windows-knowledgeable: When you differ between a "Win32
Application" and a "Win32 Console Application", 
what exactly changes? Maybe we could enforce console applications under
Win32, and hence deal with this file export stuff, which 
is really a kludge.

>	Simon.

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