[SDL] Perl binding for SDL?

Jared slake.geo at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 17:00:21 PDT 2000

>The problem is that sleep(0) isn't as predictable/portable as we might
>hope... If I remember correctly from FileNET, something like this works
>reasonably well on WinNT, but I wouldn't trust it on Linux.

Oh, c'mon... like any code is going to be totally crossplatform anyways. No matter what sort of code you're dealing with, be it 
audio/video/timer/networking, it'll never be crossplatform without a certain amount of tweaking, so why even bother? Let's just 
treat each platform as a separate kettle of fish and be done with it.  

Crossplatform compatibility is not a natural occurence, this is why SDL exists. (Besides, if code was inherantly more 
crossplatform, you'd be out of a job!) So expect it to be full of various  wierd hackies.... 

Something else which I seem to be blenderizing is what this is actually about - timing (in terms of operations per second) or 
timers (in terms of hooking and repeating action)... I got slipped up and therefore started yabbering on about hardware timers. 
Whee. I wouldn't mind seeing timing functions, something like this:

while (!done)
/* shit happens */
SDL_GL_SwapBuffers(); // or your preferred flip command

Which would wrap hardware timing functions etc. as necessary.

Anybody else think that this'd be cool? Granted that you can do it with the current timing apparatus... I tried it and my assistant 
programmer on Kosmos Online went up in arms and started muttering about death threats because it was low resolution. What I'm 
suggesting is very hi-res, and we could use hardware timing dinguses.


Good to see you on the ML by the way.  I still remember that amazing looking sandwich ;-)



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