[SDL] BMP Font script for GIMP

Dave dleimbac at phoenix.lhup.edu
Wed Apr 12 10:52:42 PDT 2000

Nicholas Vining wrote:
> Huh. What's the resolution of the internal Pentium timers? It's gotta be
> better than SDL's current resolution, and if that's really important, we
> could go that route and start doing things that way. I have improved
> resolution timer code for both x86 Pentium machines and Mac PPCs, if anybody
> wants.

That would result in a 'busy wait'... The trick is you want the system
to suspend your task for the time you sleep so we can't change code in
SDL to achieve this :) One thing that could be done is that when the
argument to sleep is less than 10ms (on i386) it could do a busy wait,
but I don't think this would be a good idea...

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