[SDL] Why not nanosleep()?

Daniel Vogel 666 at grafzahl.de
Mon Apr 3 07:18:02 PDT 2000

Daniel Vogel wrote:
> I did a 1000 x 1 ms sleep with 'sleep' == usleep it took 20 secs and
> with select only 10. Then I did try a 100x 10 ms sleep and it took 2
> seconds with select. Looks as if select takes about 10ms more than I
> want :( Well, at least it performs better than usleep.

Ups, timed the wrong one... usleep was the one that took 2 seconds and
select was taking about 1 sec. Well, the 1000x1ms still takes 10 secs
with select here but at least it works perfectly with a resolution of
more than 10ms whereof usleep even fails on such a high granularity.

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