[SDL] Re: CVS Update (alpha blending)

Dimitris Giannitsaros dimgian_ANTISPAM at mastersoft.gr
Sun Apr 2 23:43:02 PDT 2000

> > I thought this was not supposed to happen...(and that it would get fixed
> > a future version) ?
> Possibly.


> I'm considering dropping alpha channel support for anything other than
> 32-bpp images, although per-surface alpha would still be avaialble.

That would be OK i guess...i believe most people use 32bit images for images
with alpha channel...

The reason i would like to see DisplayFormat working fine with alpha
channeled images, is not speed (anyway,i am using 32bit images on 32bit
display :-) It's just that it's kind of awkward to keep a list of images
with alpha channels and of those with no alpha and loading them using
different ways (sometimes calling DisplayFormat and sometimes not).


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