[SDL] i am starting afresh

Dave dleimbac at phoenix.lhup.edu
Mon Apr 10 05:25:44 PDT 2000

Graphics primitives are only necessary if you truly want to draw lines,
circles, elipses... etc.  I would suggest that if you wish to make a game
of some sort that all of your graphics are in files ahead of time.
SDL_image is a library you can use with SDL that will allow many image
file types.  PNG, GIF, and JPEG are just a few.  Since they are compressed
they will not take up much space.  

If you really want graphics primitives I would suggest the SGE library.
You can find it on the SDL library page.  SGE only has two problems.  It
can be difficult to install and it utilizes freetype which is a truetype
font package that may be in violation of some patents by Apple Computers.

Good luck and have fun...


On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, pastres beau wrote:

> hello, i am a 19 year-old programmer and i am trying to
> learn SDL APIs as an alternative to DirectX on linux
> stations... SDL is fairly simple and it seems to be as
> powerful as his proprietary equivalent... So i would be
> glad if someone could tell me some tricks... i do not know
> if i am to write a fast graphics primitive library in order
> to complete that API... (I think I must), and I have not
> been able to find an exhaustive explaination of the
> programming interface, even if i should have red the
> sources. I thank anyone that could help me in advance...
> have fun !
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