[SDL] Seeking Help for Windows Port

Hays Clark omita at omitadesign.com
Mon Apr 10 00:57:24 PDT 2000


I am looking for a Linux Programmer to help me Port the C++ Niko
(Desktop Kitty) program from Windows to Linux.  A quick synopsis of the
Niko program is as follows:
The program is a simple program that has a 32 by 32 bit Image of a Kitty
run around on the desktop.  The kitty can chase the mouse or just run
around.  In addition the Kitty makes noises.  The user can set the
frequency of the noise and the overall behavior of the Kitten.


Overall, I was hoping to find someone that might help.  I am a under
grad at Syracuse University.  I have have a decent understanding of C
and C++ but I have no experience dealing with a OS in particular (as far
as windowed apps go).  I have mostly done 2d and 3d OpenGL programming
with some simple AI.  So a program that prints to the desktop is new
territory.  I have looked at some of the SDL example files and I am not
sure if the Linux port of Niko will be able to use SDL.  I was hoping to
find out if SDL would be suitable for the program.  Currently the Niko
program does not "see" Open Windows and Icons but I was hoping to modify
the programs so that the Kitten would interact with the Edges and Tops
of windows (i.e., it could lay down on top of a window and rub up
against or scratch the sides of windows.)  I believe that Icons would be
harder to detect because of the KDE vs Gnome Issues.  Mainly I was
hoping for the windows Aware program.

Mainly, I just need help porting the program.  I have the Windows Source
(its available on the website) and initially I would just like to port
the program to Linux.  I have contacted the original programmer about
the port.  I would like to upgrading the program but for now a straight
port would be best.   Maybe modifications like better graphics and AI
could be added.  But the windows aware part might be farther off then I

I am not really sure where to look for help but I figured that this
might be a good place to start so that someone might point me in the
right direction.  Hopefully someone would like to help out.

Hays Clark

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