[SDL] threading overhead

Pierre Phaneuf pp at ludusdesign.com
Sun Apr 9 13:43:20 PDT 2000

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

> > Yes , you right. And you can control timeouts on nonblocked accept of
> > cource. But threads on SMP machines give you more perfomance.
> A few points:
>  - not many people have SMP machines, and more running threads/processes
> than there are CPU causes a noticeable overhead

Could some people look at this test program and tell me if I did
questionable things? I compile threaded and non-threaded version with
these command line:

gcc -o test1 thread-test.c 
gcc -o test2 -DTHREADED -lpthread thread-test.c 

Running each one five times in a row gives me these results on my

Running time: 35475 ms (single-threaded)
Running time: 35458 ms (single-threaded)
Running time: 35447 ms (single-threaded)
Running time: 35658 ms (single-threaded)
Running time: 35528 ms (single-threaded)

Running time: 40457 ms (multi-threaded)
Running time: 39970 ms (multi-threaded)
Running time: 38569 ms (multi-threaded)
Running time: 39422 ms (multi-threaded)
Running time: 40173 ms (multi-threaded)

Notice the 4-5 seconds more time it takes to execute and the variance
with the multi-threaded version.

I was expecting this, but I was wondering if any multithreading
proponent had anything to say on my code?

Pierre Phaneuf

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