[SDL] X4 && heroes/civctp

Christian Zander phoenix at minion.de
Sat Apr 8 17:37:57 PDT 2000

I installed the latest XFree86 4.0 snapshot from the DRI page along side
my 3.3.6 installation today and played around with it, sdl and the two
loki titles named above. I found them to work just fine on my Voodoo3, be
it the statically linked version or the dynamically linked one with sdl 1.1.3.
I tried the dga2.0 vidmode stuff as well. If it weren't for the dgamouse 
problems, both HeroesIII and civctp would work perfectly - and faster ;)

 Christian Zander ** Nöckersberg 76 ** 45257 Essen ** Germany
 email: phoenix at minion.de * www: www.minion.de * icq: 5322926

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