[SDL] scaling a bitmap or other SDL_Surface

Dave dleimbac at phoenix.lhup.edu
Wed Apr 5 06:32:02 PDT 2000

Does anyone have a good resource for this?
I have the ground work done on an SDL_image font class.  
It reads in a font file and has PutString capabilities.
Unfortunately the font is huge in the screen mode I wish to work

If I could scale it down some it would be much more usable.  None of the
stuff I am using is TrueType so when I get it all put together I will post
it on my website. 

If some people are anxious right now and want to see it
they can write me for it.

It is based on the SFont library fonts by Karl Bartel.  The method for
storing and retrieving these fonts is using an STL map.

Dave Leimbach

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