[SDL] Call for someone with Linux/Be/Mac SDL

Maxim Sobolev sobomax at altavista.net
Wed Apr 5 00:51:53 PDT 2000


I've just released SDL'ised version of the famous Digger game (www.digger.org,
originally written in 1983), and now looking for someone with Linux/Be/Mac SDL
to compile it for these archs. You can find sources at:


Currently there is two Makefiles in the package - first for *BSD archs (bmake
syntax) tuned for FreeBSD and second for GNU archs (gmake syntax) tuned for
Mingw32. It would be nice to see someone tried to get it work for Linux/Be/Mac
as well. It should be fairly simple - just edit Makefile.sdl to include your
arch, then edit def.h to get various system depended pieces included.

In the case of any additional questions/difficulties or success in making it
work on the above mentioned or any other OSes please contact me.



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