[SDL] SDL_PollEvent()

Dan Huber huberd at mail.lafayette.edu
Tue Apr 4 23:55:04 PDT 2000

Within my main loop I'm using SDL_GetKeyState() to check user input.  In
order for GetKeyState to work, it seems that SDL_PollEvent() must also be
called with the main loop.  However, I'm using opengl in a window (not
fullscreen) and whenever I move the window around (on linux using
WindowMaker as my window manager) the loop freezes for a few seconds at
the SDL_PollEvent() call, even after I stop moving the window.  The amount
of time that the SDL_PollEvent() takes appears to be proportional to how
long it took the window to move.  If this actually made sense, what's
causing SDL_PollEvent() to take so long, and is there a way around
it?  I've tried filtering out only keyboard, mouse, and quit events, but
that didn't seem to work. Thanks!

- daerhu

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