[SDL] struct question.

Benjamin Meyer icefox at mediaone.net
Sun Apr 2 03:45:11 PDT 2000

Can someone tell me what these are?  I know bitspp and bytespp, but the

    -Benjamin Meyer

typedef struct SDL_PixelFormat {
         SDL_Palette *palette;
         Uint8   BitsPerPixel;
         Uint8   BytesPerPixel;
         Uint8  Rloss;
         Uint8  Gloss;
         Uint8  Bloss;
         Uint8  Aloss;
         Uint8  Rshift;
         Uint8  Gshift;
         Uint8  Bshift;
         Uint8  Ashift;
         Uint32 Rmask;
         Uint32 Gmask;
         Uint32 Bmask;
         Uint32 Amask;

         /* RGB color key information */
         Uint32 colorkey;
         /* Alpha value information ( per-surface alpha ) */
         Uint8  alpha;
 } SDL_PixelFormat;

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