[SDL] Re: SDL_GetTicks problems and, LSDlDoom version released

Jess JessH at lbjhs.net
Sat Apr 1 20:33:16 PST 2000

the problem is fixed, Sam's one worked(Thanks Sam), although i could have
sworn that was the first thing i tried.

> hmm... I guess the problem is that the second formula when reordered
> results in:
> ((reply*TICRATE)/1000 + (reply*TICRATE)/1000)

i noticed that and tried changing it to that but then it was to slow

> but I guess you only want : (reply*TICRATE)/1000 ... thus the higher
> speed
> Your second version is jumpy because you are doing integer divisions:
> (reply/1000) and then multiply with TICRATE ... the other way round is
> much more exactly: (reply*TICRATE)/1000 and will avoid the jumps... if
> there are no other sideeffects... ;)

thanks for the explanation

> --
> Karsten-O. Laux
> klaux at rhrk.uni-kl.de

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