[SDL] installing SDL for a cross-compiler

W.J. Palenstijn palenstijn at wanadoo.nl
Sat Apr 1 06:58:49 PST 2000

Hi everyone,

I'm having some trouble installing SDL for use with a cross-compiler.
This is what I did:

downloaded Cygnus Mingw32 from www.devolution.com/~slouken/SDL/Xmingw32
unpacked it in /usr/local
set path to point to /usr/local/cross-tools/i386-mingw32/bin

in the SDL-1.1.2 directory:
./configure --host=i386-linux --target=i386-mingw32
make install

When I then run './configure --host=... --target=...' in the 'test'
and then 'make' it can't find -lpthread. (when linking 'checkkeys')
(I can't find any pthread libraries in the /cross-tools tree either)
When I (manually) remove the -lpthread from the Makefile, the linker
can't find
about a dozen functions starting with SDL_, including SDL_init,

What am I doing wrong?

(SDL works fine when I don't use the cross compiler, by the way)

Willem Jan

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