[SDL] SDL CVS update (DGA 2.0)

Martin Donlon akawaka at csn.ul.ie
Sat Apr 1 03:20:03 PST 2000

On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Sam Lantinga wrote:

> The bad:
> I've only tested this on my Matrox Millennium card, which seems to
> have a bug in the X server which prevents any graphics from showing up 
> in > 8 bpp.  Also, I just added colorkey blits to CVS, and have not yet
> tested them - though they should work. :)
No SDL app seems to be able to set the video mode for me when I try to use
DGA, at any depth.

./testvidinfo returns:

Current display: 16 bits-per-pixel
        Red Mask = 0x0000f800
        Green Mask = 0x000007e0
        Blue Mask = 0x0000001f
No available fullscreen video modes
Hardware surfaces are available (32768K video memory)
Copy blits between hardware surfaces are accelerated
Color fills on hardware surfaces are accelerated

Besides the fast that there are no fullscreen modes available, its also
reporting 32M's of video ram. I have a voodoo banshee with only 16M.

Long live the confused,
Bother! said Pooh, as he felt Vader's presence.

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