two questions

Nathan Hurst njh at
Fri Jan 29 16:06:11 PST 1999

On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, Scott Stone wrote:

> he said Algebra 2 - in my high school, at least (bear with me, this was 6
> years ago), you didn't learn any significant trigonometry until after
> Algebra 2.... YMMV.

I have never heard of Algebra 2, but I assumed it was a course at uni...
Don't assume that everyone comes from the US - colleges in .au are 'K12'
schools. :-o

> Dont' assume that it's simple.  It's simple after you've had calculus and
> a college-level class in matrices and vectors (that was a kick ass class,
> btw).

Yep, well if paul needs more assitance in form I am more than happy to go
through it with him, however, it would be advisable to look up the info on
the web because there are well written articles on this sort of thing all
over the place.


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