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Eduardo B. Fonseca eduardo at
Thu Jan 28 20:02:57 PST 1999


> Oh god. How many times did you post this?

2 times, sire :)

> Man...Mac OS is really bad...ya needz to grow up. Other than and
> you need to get in touch.

Well... MacOS runs quake. So it's not soooo bad :) 
Even John Carmack agree with me... and he does not need to grow up
(neither do I ;))

> I give up...tell me why?

Well, because it's one of the fastest linuxes around :)

> What is an O2?

Silicon Graphics O2 Workstation.

> I and you needz to get in touch. I sense some magic here.

Here I am :)

> Check out DOOM is also dis thing called OpenGL.

Ya.. I know that now. Thanks for telling me :)

Thanks for everything...

Eduardo B. Fonseca
eduardo at

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