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Since no one replied me, I will try once again :)



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Hello guys!

I'm a newbie at game programming. I live in Brazil, and I'm starting
college this year. I've developed a lot of Unix Network servers and such,
and now I wanna integrate everything making an online game. I develop
using an O2 Graphics Workstation, a PowerMac 8500/132 (with MacOS,
LinuxPPC and BeOS) and a Toshiba notebook (running Windows 98 with Visual

I have a lot of questions... here I go :)

* I'm developing the client code base using LinuxPPC (guess why) and doing
graphics, animations using the O2 (althought I develop a lot on the O2 via
X-Windows to the LinuxPPC). I wanna know if there is an widget set
compatible with SDL... I mean, a library of graphic controls to use inside
a game, like textboxes (for online chatting), buttons, etc... Preferably
machine-independent :)

* I would like ask if someone has some kind of template or sample
workspace to use with Visual C++.

* ahh... Is SDL compatible with Codewarrior for Windows?

* What about a simple 3D engine? (that's compatible with SDL... or at
least easy to be ported).

Sorry for the lot of questions... Thanks a lot!


Eduardo B. Fonseca
eduardo at

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