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Paul Lowe spazz at
Wed Jan 27 16:26:15 PST 1999

Uh...dear Sammy & dude s/ttes:

I have a question concerning SDL's keyboard event system. It seems like
SDL_GetKeyState doesn't work unless the event queue is this

My other question is: is there a way to directly access the framebuffer
memory? I'm talking about going beyond the SDL_UpdateRect(Surface, x, x,
x, x) memory. I want to access the MIT mem itself. Is this possible?

ok make that three

Plus: under DirectX for Win32 when I draw pixels directly to
screen...they don't look right. I'm using loser-ass 16 bits. (Don't
worry though, I'll see the light soon 32 bit color is just coming up my
alley right now) The color works great under X, but for Win32 it's
screwed up. I can elaborate on this. But I noticed that in SDL's blit
code there is a reference to a info->table structure. Then in the blit
code itself...there is like a surface->map? or info->map? Ok...just ask
for elaboration. See, I think the problem is being encountered because I
am taking a step beyond SDL and it's "simplicity" he he, no offense sam
dude....but I needz da own "more versatile" framebuffer code
is needed. Is this realistic? Does I need to write my own graphix
subsystem..(I don't want to).

ok ok...only one more, for you intellectual most excellent dudes:

Anyone here know the fundamentals to sprite rotation. I don't have the
math skills, but don't know where to start. I am currently in Algebra 2.


Paul Lowe
spazz at

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