[SDL] safe x-platform asm

Willy william.leeson at cs.tcd.ie
Tue Aug 31 07:46:35 PDT 1999

Charlie_Robson at scee.net wrote:

> how are people going about integrating asm into their projects in a cross
> platform manner?
> i wish to add an optimised asm blitter to a little project i'm working on, and
> wish to retain SDL's cross-platform ability. perhaps nasm is the way to go? has
> anyone tried using nasm and visualc++?
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Yep they work fine you just have to remember to use -f win32 rather than -f elf as
the output object file format. You can then use VC's make facilities to
automagically create the object files etc. Anyhow it all works very well together.
I have project which compiles across a number of x86 platforms(NetBSD, FreeBSD,
Linux and Win32) using nasm for the assemnbler in conjunction with SDL.


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