[SDL] SDL vs. X

Warren Downs warren at businesslink.com
Mon Aug 30 11:21:33 PDT 1999

That's the normal message.  But if you do a "netstat -n | grep unix" and if you 
have a list of connected UNIX domain sockets, most likely they're connected to 
your X server.

I guess I was confusing SysV IPC and UNIX domain sockets.  UNIX domain sockets 
are local, high perf connections, though.  And DGA is a shared-memory solution 
for even higher performance (albeit only when running as root).

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Subject: Re: [SDL] SDL vs. X 
Author:  <sdl at surfnetcity.com.au > at internet-mail
Date:    8/29/99 7:33 PM

Warren Downs wrote:
> I don't know about SDL obsoleting X, but I just wanted to point out that X 
> *already* can use SysV IPC *or* direct access to memory for faster local
> displays.  Most of the time it's using SysV IPC if you run it on the same 
> machine as the client.
hmm... my XF86 doesn't seem to use it.
(e.g. if clients cant connect, i get error messages like 
_X11TransSocket ... cant connect ... looks like it's using sockets.
am i using the wrong X ?
lets go to another world ... oberon

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