[SDL] XServer for SDL ?

Warren Downs warren at businesslink.com
Mon Aug 30 11:16:54 PDT 1999

Actually, this sounds pretty nice... I hadn't heard of it.  Where can we read 
about this?

However, this only works for apps that are recompiled to use the libs.  There 
are also apps that:

1. would need to run remotely, or
2. are already compiled to use an X server (even though perhaps locally).

So, I guess it would be nice to have both options.

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Subject: Re: [SDL] XServer for SDL ? 
Author:  <sdl at surfnetcity.com.au > at internet-mail
Date:    8/29/99 4:36 PM

Do you really need a whole X server for Win32?  Why not just port the 
libraries to use the existing Win32 stuff and add where there are lacking 
features.  I think work like this is being done on the Cygwin project...


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