[SDL] XServer for SDL ?

Leimy dleimbac at falcon.lhup.edu
Sun Aug 29 13:36:49 PDT 1999

Do you really need a whole X server for Win32?  Why not just port the
libraries to use the existing Win32 stuff and add where there are lacking
features.  I think work like this is being done on the Cygwin project...


> On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> > Warren Downs wrote:
> > > 
> > > The point would be: SDL can be retargeted at a later date, to use GGI, or
> > > SVGALib, or something else, and now you'd have an X server that would run on
> > > that back end.  
> Alright, so to sum things up:
> There's X, GGI can run on top of X but there's also a ggi-based X-server. What
> about running a normal X-server, a ggi X-server inside it and finally a
> SDL-based X-server inside the second server using ggi using X? But that would
> leave SVGALib out... ;-)
> It's nice when things are flexible and portable and retargetable etc., but
> sometimes it's a waste of time, don't you people think?
> > > And yes, it would be good to have a free, featureful X server
> > > for Win32 (the free ones available aren't open source, and don't support all
> > > necessary features).
> I don't like win32 and I don't like X..what would be such server good for? To
> slow things down?
> > yeah. it would also mean, splitting the display drivers from the X
> > stuff.
> > (now it´s so: if i want to have a new graphics driver [e.g. new card] i
> > have 
> > to get the _whole_ server. very nice!)
> This will change in XFree 4.0 - there will be a new driver architecture ->
> only one big server + drivers for cards. Very nice!
> Tomas

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