Phoenix Kokido kokido at postmark.net
Fri Aug 27 06:08:23 PDT 1999

Photoshop 4 and 5 does support RLE Bmp's, but for the reasons Rafael
mentioned their pretty much useless.

Phoenix Kokido
kokido at postmark.net

Rafael R. Sevilla 94-22131 wrote:

> On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, Stuart Anderson wrote:
> > Is there a reason SDL doesn't support RLE Compressed BMPs?  If not I'm
> > going to add support for loading RLE Compressed BMPs to SDL_LoadBMP.
> > 
> > Stuart
> > 
> Hardly anyone creates RLE compressed bitmaps anyway!  M$ defined it in the
> BMP spec but never bothered to implement it, it seems.  Windows
> paintbrush, for instance, doesn't bother to compress its bitmaps.  Tons of
> programs can't grok compressed bitmaps too.  Paintbrush can't read them,
> and Windows 95 will not accept compressed bitmaps for your wallpaper.  I
> don't think even Photoshop 4 can write compressed BMP files (there is no
> option for RLE compression when saving to that format).  The only programs
> I know of that create and read RLE BMP's correctly are The Gimp and
> ImageMagick.  Both running under Linux (hah!). 
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