[SDL] XServer for SDL ?

Warren Downs warren at businesslink.com
Thu Aug 26 15:11:36 PDT 1999

Re: non root application can take over the display (switch resolution and 
possibly depth).

If you write your own X server, you can do this.  Basically, the X server runs 
as root, and can pass on whatever capabilities it desires, to the end user.  
XFree86 isn't very flexible about what capabilities it can pass on, but you 
could write an X server that was.

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: [SDL] XServer for SDL ? 
Author:  <sdl at surfnetcity.com.au > at internet-mail
Date:    8/26/99 2:04 PM

>The point would be: SDL can be retargeted at a later date, to use GGI, or 
>SVGALib, or something else, and now you'd have an X server that would run on 
>that back end.  And yes, it would be good to have a free, featureful X server 
>for Win32 (the free ones available aren't open source, and don't support all 
>necessary features).
>I suggest starting with the X server built into VNC 
>(http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/), which currently writes to an invisible 
>frame buffer, which is then transmitted to connected clients upon request.  
>However, I think it could easily be retargeted to SDL.
>Or, you could start with Xvfb (X Virtual Frame Buffer), which also targets a 
>memory-based virtual frame buffer.  This should be easy to retarget to SDL. 
>Then, if we got SDL working on SVGALib, we might have a lighter-weight X server
>for x86-based UNIX.  Also, it would then be a matter of recompiling to bring up
>a new, free, X server for Win32.  Which would allow more people running that OS
>to discover the power of X, and run various X apps locally, with decent 
>performance, for free.
Well I'm sold on the concept. It'd be very nice getting Xfree86 out of the 
picture and its 50+ meg source tree (of what I wonder???). Essentially 
impossible to join the project and contribute because there are
no reasonable docs explaining where everything is. And they're *really* slow 
coming out with support for new boards.
Now if we're talking SDL running on SVGALib and that gives you fast 
display updates...
Somehow I'd like something to magically happen such that a non root 
application can take over the display (switch resolution and possibly 
depth). I like fullscreen modes but I don't like running as root or 
making /dev/mem accessable by everyone.

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