[SDL] XServer for SDL ?

Dave Ashley (SDL list) sdl at xdr.com
Fri Aug 27 00:19:02 PDT 1999

>> what do you think of an XServer which uses SDL instead of own drivers ?
>Why create X under win32?
>Why emulate a stable system with an instable system? ;)

I use the MI/X X server at work when I'm forced to use win95 to be
compatible with everyone else. I can't use XV with that--I just get an
empty window. Some stuff works, some doesn't. But what the X server I have
running all the time (MI/X) gives me is a window onto a stable linux box,
which I use to check email, do unix stuff, ftp, etc. I'd rather have an
xterm session on the MI/X than the awful telnet client bundled with win95.

So to get that same functionality only better I'd be very interested.
Only if it were free though--Exceed was cool but cost $$$. I never heard of
the other one recently mentioned with the 2 hour time limit.


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