[SDL] Anyway around SDL_UpdateRect?

Sam Lantinga slouken at devolution.com
Thu Aug 26 21:36:33 PDT 1999

> OK, the code I just implemented into the sprite routines for dirty
> rectangle type support has been a DRAMATIC improvement. As you may know
> the ex2 demo draws a rectangle on the screen and does a complete screen
> clear/redraw to move the rectangle across the screen.  It does this a
> 27fps on my computer.
> Well my sprite structure has enough info that with a little added I
> could implement transparent (to users) dirty rectangles.  instead of
> using the showdoublebuffer routine they wrap thier sprite displays in
> between PD_SpriteBegin and PD_SpriteEnd lines. a new example program
> with a sprite the same size as the rectangle in ex2 (10,20) went over
> 640fps on my computer.
> Ya'll probably don't really care about this and it will be more on topic
> on my mailing list, but since you have been so kind as to listen to me
> complain I thought I would share.
> Maybe now, finally all the people to lazy to actually optimize thier own
> PowerPak game code will stop complaining :)

I'm glad you've solved that headache. :)

> Oh by the way, SDL doesn't support console mode does it?  When the Linux
> Game Tome picked up PowerPak they said it supported console mode and
> sound, it doesn't support either, but when I submit the new update I
> guess I'll have them fix it.

SDL has alpha support for SVGAlib, and I'm working on fbcon.
To enable SVGAlib support, you have to edit the bottom of make/linux/functions

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