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Fri Aug 27 13:32:49 PDT 1999

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, Stuart Anderson wrote:

> Is there a reason SDL doesn't support RLE Compressed BMPs?  If not I'm
> going to add support for loading RLE Compressed BMPs to SDL_LoadBMP.
> Stuart

Hardly anyone creates RLE compressed bitmaps anyway!  M$ defined it in the
BMP spec but never bothered to implement it, it seems.  Windows
paintbrush, for instance, doesn't bother to compress its bitmaps.  Tons of
programs can't grok compressed bitmaps too.  Paintbrush can't read them,
and Windows 95 will not accept compressed bitmaps for your wallpaper.  I
don't think even Photoshop 4 can write compressed BMP files (there is no
option for RLE compression when saving to that format).  The only programs
I know of that create and read RLE BMP's correctly are The Gimp and
ImageMagick.  Both running under Linux (hah!). 

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