[SDL] Anyway around SDL_UpdateRect?

John Garrison jeg at visi.net
Thu Aug 26 20:28:34 PDT 1999

OK, the code I just implemented into the sprite routines for dirty
rectangle type support has been a DRAMATIC improvement. As you may know
the ex2 demo draws a rectangle on the screen and does a complete screen
clear/redraw to move the rectangle across the screen.  It does this a
27fps on my computer.
Well my sprite structure has enough info that with a little added I
could implement transparent (to users) dirty rectangles.  instead of
using the showdoublebuffer routine they wrap thier sprite displays in
between PD_SpriteBegin and PD_SpriteEnd lines. a new example program
with a sprite the same size as the rectangle in ex2 (10,20) went over
640fps on my computer.
Ya'll probably don't really care about this and it will be more on topic
on my mailing list, but since you have been so kind as to listen to me
complain I thought I would share.
Maybe now, finally all the people to lazy to actually optimize thier own
PowerPak game code will stop complaining :)

Oh by the way, SDL doesn't support console mode does it?  When the Linux
Game Tome picked up PowerPak they said it supported console mode and
sound, it doesn't support either, but when I submit the new update I
guess I'll have them fix it.

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