[SDL] Multiple Images in one file

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at nibiru.pauls.erfurt.thur.de
Wed Aug 25 11:18:55 PDT 1999

Paul Lowe wrote:
> Ryan Wahle wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I was wondering if it was possible to have like a pcx file, with multiple
> > images in it. So one pcx file would like contain all the frames for the
> > animation... all the frames would be the same size, but I was wondering if
> > it was possible to grap certain parts of an image and put them into a
> > SDL_Surface structure. Kind of like a SDL_loadBMP but it wouldn't take the
> > source from a file, and instead take it from an array instead...
> >
> > is this possible with the sdl?
> d00d, write your own animation format. It's easy as hell. Just write out the
> surface->pixels to a file for each frame, and then load all of it into memory
> with the same specs etc, it's easy.
> Paul Lowe
> spazz at ulink.net

before creating a new format you could have a look at www.wotsit.org

i think there are enough formats out there ...


lets go to another world ... oberon

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